After being granted full permission from our local planning authority, back in February 2019, we took the plunge to go for a second application in February 2020 to improve the access to and around the site.

As we eagerly await a decision, no doubt delayed due to Covid-19, the current crisis has given us the gift of time to prepare, plan and enjoy the land we have.

No day goes by when we’re not grateful for the wonderful views, space and wildlife we witness. As well as the usual Roe deer, garden birds, pheasants, partridges, birds of prey, rabbits and field mice we often see at BVCC, we’ve been treated to new sightings – muntjac deer, hawks and grass snakes.

We can’t wait for you to live and camp alongside that kind of nature. That’s why we’re building and enhancing the area ready to open the gates for you to stay in your caravans, tents, campers and in our unique stays.

Our fruit trees are happy, and many are already fruiting. And I’m about to go and collect the elder to make Elderflower Champagne with the boys this afternoon – hopefully they’ll learn about fermentation and that will be a tick in the home-schooling science box!

I’ve been updating the website’s ‘where to eat’ section, today, ready for it going live in time for all you eager campers to plan your holidays for 2021. The website looks amazing, I’m proud to say. We’ve had some lovely comments about the content and look – we hope you like it too!

Once it’s live, you can send us a contact form so that we can invite you to our open day, when we’ll be welcoming local campers to take a stroll and – for those of you who are further afield – take your first opportunity to book your first stay. So keep an eye out!

Patience is our greatest friend right now. Just as we all look at the Covid-19 challenge and say ‘it will be over one day –  we’ll beat it’, I’m also saying ‘we’ll open our campsite soon – we will make it!’

Now my attention must turn to ‘Nancy Knacker’, the vintage caravan. Once the hardware stores open in Evesham, she should be finished in no time! Well, no harm in a little optimism!