As we enter into more worrying times with Covid 19, our lives here at Bredon-Vale are presented with even more challenges. Lenders are either on or off the market currently and borrowing has changed – a lot. With everything in place – Planning Permission, Log Pods, Website, Social Media, a Database of Customers and enquiries every day (!) it seems madness that we cannot secure the lending we need to complete our build an open to a ‘booming’ market right now! And with my husband’s Redundancy looming, we feel someone is trying to tell us something….

Campsites are full, they are turning people away and UK residents are already booking UK holiday’s for 2021 as they don’t want the anxiety of ‘will I won’t I get to go on holiday?’ We also had a letter this week from a well known company interested in purchasing our site! Interesting – considering we can’t get funding to open, yet other holiday park, residential park owners are chasing us for our ‘site in a perfect location!’

A friend told me to set up a GoFundMe page, to help and bring our story to the forefront, so here it is!

I’m sure there are many keen campers and caravanners who may be willing to donate and we can contact them to offer a free night, weekend or week’s holiday when we open! And maybe people who have been in our situation, chasing a dream, who feel they can spare a bob or two. It’s just worth a try isn’t it?

We will go forward with the confidence that we are going into a growing market that is very much in demand at the moment (and that others want to buy it off us!) and keep our fingers crossed for some financial luck around the corner… the meantime….I’m off to clean the polytunnel!